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  • Types Of Auctions

    There are five different types of auction listings on Auction: The traditional auction form...

  • Reserve Price Auctions

    In a Reserve Price Auction, the seller has set a Reserve Price, which is a price below which the listing will ...

  • Mega Auctions

    A Mega Auction is one method of auctioning multiple, identical items. A minimum price (the Opening Bid) is spe...

  • Fixed Price Auctions

    In the Fixed Price format the listing one or more items will be sold for a fixed amount and buyers simply choo...

  • Bid To Be Approved Auctions

    A Bid To Be Approved auction format functions similar to the Reserve Price auction (see http://help.propertyro...

  • How To Bid

    To bid on an item, simply browse our site for an item that interests you. Once you open or visit the listing d...

  • How Bidding Works

    Bids are given precedence based on sort order of Price, Quantity, and then Time placed. If you bid $50.00 on 5...

  • Proxy Bid - What Is It?

    A Proxy Bid is a bid automatically placed by the auction system on your behalf based on the Maximum Bid Amount...

  • Help! I Bid More Than I Intended!

    If you have placed a Proxy (maximum) bid in error, you may lower your maximum bid. Please note: you cannot low...

  • How much should my Proxy Bid be?

    Your Proxy Bid amount is the maximum amount (highest price) you are willing to pay for an item. You should de...
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