Some items may show "Customer Pick-up" as the only shipping method in the listing description. Such items are sold AS IS WHERE IS and require pick-up from the location specified in the item listing. The following rules and practices apply to items designated as Customer Pick-up/In-Place items:

a. You are solely responsible for noting the pick-up location and any stated restrictions and fees to pick up arrangements for a specific In-Place item prior to purchase.


b. Following purchase and once payment has been verified and settled, will send an email to you with the address of the item purchased and contact information for the seller of the item.


c. Appointments may be required to pick-up the item. If your payment confirmation notice states an appointment is needed, you are responsible for contacting the seller of the item to coordinate loading, hauling, and any other necessary arrangements to retrieve the asset.


d. The seller may require you to verify your identity, provide dealer's licensing (if required as stated in auction listing,) and/or fill-out and sign such documentation as the seller may specify at the time of pick-up.


e. If you are authorizing a freight service or an individual to pick up the item on your behalf, you must coordinate retrieval of the asset with the seller:


  * 1. THIS WILL REQUIRE A NOTARIZED STATEMENT or power of attorney from you directly to the seller authorizing release of asset to the designated freight service or individual. Notarized statement must include the item number or VIN of the asset(s) to be picked up.

 * 2. Authorized pick-up person or freight service may not, under any circumstances, coordinate pick-up with the seller.

 * 3. The authorized pick-up party will be required to furnish ID as well as the required documents at time of pick-up.

 * 4. You may add the first and last name of the individual to the Customer Pick-Up section in your account.

f. You are responsible for obtaining all legal documents to drive vehicle.  Registration and temporary plates are required by law to drive vehicle. If registration and temporary plates are not present at time of pick up,  the vehicle must be towed at your own expense.

g. You bear sole responsibility for obtaining all legal documents to drive vehicle.  You bear responsibility for determining motor vehicle registration requirements in the applicable jurisdiction as well as costs, including any fees, registration fees, taxes, etc., owed as a result of registering the item (for example, BUYER bears sole responsibility for all title, registration, smog and other such fees required by the applicable jurisdiction). is unable to assist with obtaining plates or temporary registration.

h. You acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for providing adequate equipment, mode of transportation and other means to remove the In-Place item and transport it to your desired destination.

i. All costs associated with picking up the item are your responsibility. will not reimburse winning bidder for any and all costs related to pick up, for any reason, including but not limited to tow fees, storage fees, travel expenses, transportation/freight service expenses, loss of use, and/or unauthorized repairs.

j. You, or your designated freight service or individual, are responsible for inspecting the item, and any accompanying paperwork, at the time you, or your designated freight service or individual on your behalf, take possession. Only claims for discrepancies pertaining to year/make/model/VIN/mileage/title will be honored, at that time. These claims must be made PRIOR to you, or your designated freight service or individual on your behalf, taking possession. Once you have taken possession of the item the sale is final and the item cannot be credited or returned for any reason. Possession is defined as physical removal of the vehicle from the lot/yard/storage facility, along with accompanying sale documentation/paperwork.

k. You must pick-up In-Place items within the period of time specified by the seller in the item listing or, if no period of time is specified in the listing, within 10 business days of the auction close date. IN THE EVENT THAT YOU FAIL TO PICK-UP AN ITEM BY THE FOREGOING DEADLINE, YOU ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE TO POSSIBLE FORFEITURE OF BOTH FEES AND GOODS. For each In-Place item purchase, you agree as follows:

  1. "I acknowledge that I have read and understood the Shipping and Return Policy as it relates to In-Place items, and I specifically agree in the event that I fail to pick-up my winning auction purchase prior to the deadline specified therein, and/or the seller may in its sole discretion take title to my winning auction purchase, free and clear without liability. I understand that in the latter case, if I forfeit my winning auction, and/or the seller may dispatch my purchase as it sees fit, which includes but is not limited to re-listing for auction, selling for scrap, donating to charity or disposing."