Yes, in order to participate in many auctions offered, you will need to register your payment information.


We currently accept the following:




American Express


Debit Cards that bear the Visa or MasterCard Logo



You only pay for your actual winning auctions or purchases. Once an auction closes, order fulfillment is automatic*. Many auctions are limited only to bidders who have provided valid payment methods, either via PayPal Express Checkout or credit card. As a result, when the auction closes, no further action is required from the bidder; the payment method is charged and if shipment was selected the product is sent within 2 business days.

At this time we do not accept, prepaid credit cards, PayPal Credit, or Bill Me Later.


For some auctions such as vehicles and heavy machinery, Wire Payment is an option during the bid process. At the close of auction, the winner will be notified and provided with instructions on submitting Wire Payment directly to Please note: Wire Payment is not accepted unless it is an option provided in the auction.

*Orders totaling $5000.00 or more must be paid by wire transfer only. In these instances, the winner will be notified by email with further instructions.