will try to combine orders for shipment when possible. Combined shipment of orders is a courtesy and should not be considered a mandate for order fulfillment. At this time, the following rules pertaining to combined shipment are as follows:

1. Product sold by merchant sellers are not combined and no exceptions or requests can be accommodated.

2. Only items sold on behalf of law enforcement or public agency ( police goods) can be combined.

    a. only combines items that close auction on the same day and are shipping from the same warehouse

    b. only combines orders for shipment if the NEW shipping charges are LESS than the previous charges.
    c. will not cross-categorize product for combined shipment.

3.  Shipments are insured if combined value is over $100.00.

4. Shipping costs are calculated prior to payment processing. Total shipping costs are divided by the number of orders in the combined shipment.

5. Payment on all orders in a combined package must be paid in order to ship. If payment declines on one or more orders in a combined package, this may cause shipping and delivery delays.

6. Orders cannot be removed from one combined package into another shipment.

7. Items originally selected for pick-up cannot be combined with other orders that have already processed for shipment.