The shipping process may occasionally result in package loss or damage to an item.

Please contact if this happens so we may submit an inquiry with the shipping carrier if appropriate. *PLEASE NOTE: Due to the time sensitive nature of delivery tracking and carrier follow-up, it is the buyer's responsibility to notify of any issues regarding damage or non-receipt within 30 days of order date. Any claims of shipment loss or damage after 30 days of order date cannot be filed.

Include the following information in your email:
  • Item number, Listing ID, or Order ID
  • Type of packaging used
  • Description of damage the shipping container may have sustained.

If possible, please include an image of both the damaged item and the packaging. This will help us to document your case and determine if a shipping claim needs to be filed on your behalf.

10 business days should be expected for resolution of your shipping inquiry. We will notify you of the status of inquiry once it is verified by the carrier and apply any compensation due directly to the funding source (e.g. credit card or PayPal) we charged. In the event a full refund is due, can only credit the total sale amount of that order originally paid to

By purchasing from, you agree to provide a secure address for delivery. In instances of package loss and/or theft claims, if the shipping carrier confirms correct delivery shall not be held liable for reimbursement of funds or replacement of product. 

* The above terms may apply to Merchant Seller product.