Some auctions will require a bid deposit in order to participate in the bidding process. Bid deposits are payable by Wire Transfer only. For such auctions, the bidder will be alerted of the required deposit when they take the first step in the bid process by clicking the Bid Now button.

At that time, the Bidder will be presented with instructions that include banking info and Bidder ID # required for wire transfer.

1.)   Print out the instructions

2.)   Take the instructions to bank so that all details are included in the wire transfer. **Reminder: you must include your Bidder ID # on your wire transfer.

3.)   Once wire transfer is complete, expect a 2 hour processing time.

4.)   Bidder will be notified by email and provided with access to auction.


*As each auction is considered a single transaction, we are unable to accept bulk payment for multiple auction wins.


At the conclusion of the auction, the winner’s bid deposit will be applied toward the purchase. All others who participated but did not win can expect a refund check to be mailed within 1-3 business days.