The variety of product offered on ranges from New condition to Untested and sold As-Is. The condition ratings for each auction listing is provided in the item's description. Below is a 'key' to how product is rated based on its condition:

NEWItem is sealed in its original packaging.
Note: "New" does not necessarily mean that the item is the most current model.
EXCELLENTVirtually unused or unblemished.
VERY GOODMinimal wear and/or minimal blemishes
GOODModerate wear and/or moderate blemishes.
FAIRSignificant wear and/or significant blemishes.
POORSerious wear and/or serious damage. May be non-functional.
UNTESTEDFunctionality has not been tested. All items with this condition are sold "As Is".

Items will be placed in the lowest condition category that describes one or more of their characteristics. Please bid carefully: can not allow return or credit of the following items under any circumstances:

  • Any item with a condition rating of "Fair," "Poor" or "Untested".
  • Trading/Sports cards, coins and other "loose" collectables.

For any approved returns that are not within these guidelines a 15% restocking fee may apply.