A Buyer’s Premium is used to offset costs associated with content research, listing and marketing. As such, we typically use a Buyer’s Premium only on capital assets such as cars, boats, planes, heavy machinery, and product that is sold Inplace at the selling agency.

The Buyer’s Premium is not a charge that is on most items sold on PropertyRoom.com. When you are bidding on items that have a 10%, 12% or 15% buyer’s premium, it will be stated in the auction table, as well as on the Bid Review page (where the bid is finalized).

When an order that has a Buyer's Premium is processed, it is included in the total sale price. For example, an $800 winning bid with a 15% Buyer’s Premium results in an additional $120 non-refundable charge to the Winning Bidder’s payment method, for a subtotal of $920. It is important to note that the Buyer's Premium is non-refundable.