You may send a towing company/freight service or individual other than yourself to pick up your vehicle/heavy equipment. Please be aware of all requirements and documents mandated before the asset is released to a third party:

1. Assets to be retrieved by freight service or third party individual are subject to the same pick up rules as all “In Place” assets. Ensure you have reviewed all requirements in this link:

2. The freight service or individual must present a notarized statement or power of attorney from you directly to the seller authorizing release of the asset to the freight service or individual present. *Notarized statement must include the item number or VIN of the asset(s) to be picked up.

3. Authorized pick-up person or freight service may not, under any circumstances, coordinate pick-up with the seller. All arrangements must be made between the winning bidder and the pickup location. The winning bidder is solely responsible for arrangements with the freight service or individual sent for pick up.

 4. Authorized pick-up person will be required to furnish ID at time of pick-up.

Prior to sending a third party out to pick up your asset, please be sure you have received your payment confirmation notice from and have scheduled an appointment (IF instructed on the payment confirmation email) with the seller where the product is located. You will need to coordinate retrieval of the asset with the seller.

For more detailed information on our pick-up policy for these types of items, please follow the link below: