Some vehicles and heavy equipment have storage fees that payable to the yard directly at time of pick up. Since those fees are not collected by, we are not in the position to negotiate storage times, grace periods, or the amount of fees owed, and as such cannot offer discounts or waivers on storage.


All items must be picked up within 10 days to avoid forfeiture. However it is important to note the timeline for storage accrual differs from the 10-day time frame for pick up. Please review the auction listings carefully and plan for pick up accordingly. If a vehicle or heavy equipment is subject to storage fees, it will be detailed in the listing description. More details about pick up times and storage for assets located in Medford, NY or Brooklyn, NY can be found at This Article.


Any questions pertaining to storage fees should be directed to the facility where the vehicle is located.

Additional information regarding storage fees as they pertain to our User Agreement can be found: Here